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African Cuisine

Authentic African Experience

Our menu is bursting with options for you to enjoy, including some of our most popular dishes like Jollof rice, Fried plantains, and Garri (fried cassava).
We offer a wide variety of flavours for our hookahs such as coconut, apple, or blueberry.

Nigerian jollof rice/basmati jollof rice with fish/beef

S - $15
L - $20

Fried rice/basmati fried rice

S - $15
L - $20

White rice & stew/fish or beef

S - $15
L - $20

Ofada rice & stew/beef/fish

S - $15
L - $20

Coconut rice/beef/fish

S - $15
L - $20

Salad, vegetables with cream


Indomie noodles with vegetables & egg


Brown or white beans/beef/stew


Ewa agoin & stew with yam or agege bread


Best Chefs

Authentic Culture

We offer a wide variety of dishes from all over the African continent, prepared by the best chefs, complete with a hookah bar for a unique experience.

You’ll find that our staff is friendly, respectful, and attentive. We ensure you have a memorable experience every time you visit!

Our Story

Authentic Flavors

African cuisine is largely unknown in North America, and it's something people have to go out of their comfort zone for whenever they want to try something new.

It’s hard to find a decent African restaurant in an unfamiliar city, and when you finally find one it’s way too expensive. Most of the time you end up settling for less than what you want because it’s cheaper or way more practical.
You’ve got a taste for authentic, genuine African cooking but have no idea where to go – no need to fret! This cozy African restaurant has all your needs covered, from delicious authentic cuisine to amazing hospitality. We’ll make sure you’re never disappointed again with our traditional dishes and friendly service.

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